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Get a FREE license of use "PALPFREE"

Open a free, lifetime (*) account that allows you to
- access to the forum (only for mental health professionals)
- download the PALP free edition (full functioning) by which you can:

  • Work with 2 questionnaires (you can create a new one, up to 101 items)
  • Create patient files (128 elements related to patient's history)
  • Administer questionnaires using your PC, as many times as you need it
  • Evaluate  your patients' course of therapy, in different timepoints of your intervention
  • Form study working groups of patients using criteria such as gender, age and sampling group
  • Perform a statistical review of your data: Pearson correlation, T-tests, 1Way Anova, Kruskal-Wallis
  • Export your result research data to Microsofoft Excel for further statistical processing
  • Print or export the questionnaire for each patient for every use

In any research work, you should add a  bibliographical reference for it as follows: Batakis, M. (2016). PALP (version 3.01) [Software]. Reading: PsyDESK.



Enter questionnaires

Entry of questionnaires used in your daily psychotherapy practice or questionnaires you want to use or create for research purposes. The whole process of creating/entering a new questionnaire ready to use on a PC takes no more than 15-20 minutes.

You can use the questionnaires you already use or you can find a variety of tests, in relevant osychology textbooks, scientific publications and internet resources or even to develop your own experimental tests. You may want to translate some that are of interest to you and use them as a pilot questionnaires in order to get a clue about your patients.





Administer questionnaires

If you’ve operated your practice long enough and have patient files, you can open corresponding patient record sheets (personal information, medical history, background of paternal family, diagnosis, dysfunctional beliefs, paternal - maternal function, rearing environment, landmarks, useful notes etc). Then, you can easily enter the questionnaires already administered to each patient. You therefore have a full electronic record with access to all the benefits that such a form of organisation and work can offer you.


Evaluate patients

For new patients who come to your office you can administer the questionnaires using your PC. The results are automatically shown in your computer screen while the questionnaire's items, the patient's answers and the results are printed automatically for your personal records. In combination with a complete personal and family history of the patient and with the help of new PALP's features such as Problems List, Behavioral and Problem analysis, you have all the data for a very first case formulation, the goals of the therapy, the treatment plan and the evaluation of your work over time.


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Compare results

After the completion of questionnaires you have the results on PC and you can compare them with previous evaluations of the same patient in order to assess the course of therapy, the dimensions in which changes were noticed and whether or not these are due to random factors. The total score and dimensions chart between 2 consecutive or overall evaluations help you to quickly detect significant changes.



Explore data

The more you practice as a psychotherapist, the more experience you get and the bigger your electronic patient record gets. Whether for personal interest or for research purposes you can create study working groups of patients in order to extract useful information to incorporate in your practice. Immediate automatic comparison of sample means and correlating variables (criteria t-test paired, Pearson indicator) for statistical overview of your patients’ data, is available to you.


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Test research ideas

If you have not yet purchased a license (Expert or Research), you can upgrade by obtaining one for the time period that suits your needs (6 months / 1 year / 2 years). We have made sure that the total monthly cost of any purchase corresponds to just a fraction of the average amount a therapist would charge a patient for a 50 minute session only. Εxport the results of PALP in Excel form for further processing with familiar statistical packages of your preference or that of your partners.

By upgrading you license of use for the time period that suits your needs, you have access to more questionnaire entries, to more items per questionnaire, to questionnaires' administration "at once" in arrays in random order, to optionally use a tablet and access to more criteria for the automatic creation of study working groups of patients. We offer a modern approach with 6 categories for sexual orientation, 10 for family situation, 38 for professions,diagnostic categories according to DSM-ICD, medication etc.



Make partnerships

You enter the forum, open discussions on matters of therapeutic practice, search for guidelines for cases you have little experience in or have unusual difficulties with. If you like you can also announce your findings from working groups you have created from your “tank” of patients, find partnerships and confirm your own results by asking them to confirm them on their own patients using their own PALP license. Unusual findings or noticeable similarities and differences between patient groups, based on personal or demographic data, data from history or medications, can be a wonderful opportunity for research work and publication.

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Minimum computer specifications

Processor Intel Core Duo, 2MB RAM, graphic card 32 bit and a hard disk with free space about 200 MB. Microsoft Windows (7, 8.1 or 10). The use of an electronic tablet with Android v4.2+ is optional. An internet connection is required. Wi-Fi is required for tablet use.


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"I’ve used PSYDESK for psychometric assessment purposes and been impressed for its innovative possibilities. It makes the administration of questionnaires and results’ extraction a fun procedure, gives the opportunity to effectively organize your data and makes statistical analysis appealing. I highly recommend it to colleagues who are interested in understanding human behavior", N. Toumanian,  Psychologist - M.Sc/HR Consultant, ISON Psychometrica

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