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We developed PALP having in mind your mission. It contributes to your patient's progress, it improves your efficacy and promotes psychological research. Some users' comments follow.


Katerina V.: "My patients are thrilled with the use of the tablet, administering questionnaires has turned into a new, exciting experience"
George M.:"I have finally managed to organise my patient records in the best possible way, using every single piece of data in many different ways"
Anna K. (patient): "Compared to pen and paper, PALP is, by all means, ten times better"
Manos K.: "Well, PALP has saved me a lot of time collecting and processing my patients' dat, I found partneships and ideas for publication when comparing my data whith that of colleagues in smaller towns"
Haroula P.: "I'm doing researh work and PALP has helped me a great deal with collecting and processing my data as well as checking my research ideas in a quick and easy way"
Marios X.: "At first, I found the free access to PALP very useful. With the price of one hour's work, every month I support my colleagues' effort while enabling my everyday practice and my research interests"
Georgia S.: "Well done PsyDESK, I wish PALP takes psychological research one step further, opening new roads for all CBT colleagues, especially those who have some difficulty in statistical processing"


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"I’ve used PSYDESK for psychometric assessment purposes and been impressed for its innovative possibilities. It makes the administration of questionnaires and results’ extraction a fun procedure, gives the opportunity to effectively organize your data and makes statistical analysis appealing. I highly recommend it to colleagues who are interested in understanding human behavior", N. Toumanian,  Psychologist - M.Sc/HR Consultant, ISON Psychometrica

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