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1. The available Licenses are for the time period that suits my needs (6 months, 1 and 2 years). What happens after the expiration of my License of Use?

PALP4Ever does not require renewal per year (it's forever). The complete PALP package for Mental Health Centers requires an annual license...

2. I am a mental health professional and I have no obligation to charge my patients incl. Will I be charged VAT on the purchase of PALP?
At the moment, no VAT is charged to bussiness/non-business organisations/private individuals/ inside UK...

3. How can PALP help me with my sessions through the internet?
PALP is an invaluable tool for colleagues offering internet therapeutic sessions...

4. In what way will the patient's response time help me in psychotherapeutic practice?

Although research interest about response times began around the 1970s, the widespread use of computers has...

5. I am somewhat less familiar with  statistics. Will I have trouble using the PALP?

Computers and statistics exist to facilitate our daily work. Moreover, the statistics used here are not...a 'rocket

6. How can Ι manage questionnaires of the type “RIGHT/WRONG" answers in the PALP questionnaires' entry form? 

The questionnaires entry process in order to have the electronic form of it ready for administration requires special...

7. I have used PALP with CBT-Helper support in my research work. How should I mention it to the references section?

Batakis, M. (2016). PALP (version 3.01) [Software]. Reading: PsyDESK. Available from
Μπατάκης, M. (2016). PALP (έκδοση 3.01) [Λογισμικό]. Reading: PsyDESK. AΔιαθέσιμο από

8. Windows XP meet the needs of my office, can I install PALP to work with ?

Several colleagues working with older versions of Windows such as XP or VISTA have informed us that they have not confronted any problem ...

9. Are there some instructions for the PALP functions?
Many PALP functions are easy to understand without the use of instructions, but some basic steps, just to start with, follows:

10. Is the administration of questionnaires via the tablet, reliable?
A number of research data indicate that indeed the administration of questionnaires in electronic form is reliable...

11. What kind of data does the application send to PsyDESK's server?

The data you enter and the data that PALP creates for you are safe and are stored...

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"I’ve used PSYDESK for psychometric assessment purposes and been impressed for its innovative possibilities. It makes the administration of questionnaires and results’ extraction a fun procedure, gives the opportunity to effectively organize your data and makes statistical analysis appealing. I highly recommend it to colleagues who are interested in understanding human behavior", N. Toumanian,  Psychologist - M.Sc/HR Consultant, ISON Psychometrica

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