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6. How can Ι manage questionnaires of the type “RIGHT/WRONG" answers in the PALP questionnaires' entry form? 

The questionnaires entry process in order to have the electronic form of it ready for administration requires special...

preparation and attention due to the fact that in this stage there is an increased possibility for errors. The application is doing multiple validation checks of the entries but you will be the one who will ultimately confirm the correctness of entries before their final introduction in the PALP database. Before registering a new questionnaire, be sure to gather the following information.

I. The full name and the acronym of the questionnaire
II. The names of the authors. Choose the format that appears in the standard reference eg Martin, S., Salman, L. (1992)
III. The questionnaire's items and any factors available for it  (you may need to refer to literature)

You should have already created a text file (.txt) using the Windows' notepad. This text file will contain questions or statements of the questionnaire in the form:

          1.I'm good and I'm unwanted
          2.The others are likely to be critical of

IV. Key scoring (alternatibe answers, scores and final evaluation categories)


Make sure that the questionnaire satisfies the following four (4) conditions:

1. It has a uniform structure ie. all the questions have the same number of alternative answers and corresponding scores.
2. It contains up to 7 possible answers per question 
3. It contains no negative score for each answer.
4. The number of individual factors does not exceed 21

The vast majority of questionnaires fulfill the above conditions. In the online Amazon bookstore you can find a variety of books with psychometric tests. You may use them as pilot questionnaires in order to get a clue about a patients' related problems who are visiting you.

Regarding your question, you should know that we treat WRONG answers (which score 0 instead of 1 point for each correct answer) as being a reversal, therefore we should declare the number of the relevant question (item) in the 'Reversal' field. Consult the Guide to Questionnaires Entry at the forum area, for more information on this.

You would understand the whole procedure (which is actually simple) by looking at the structure of one of the suggested questionnaires or if you want to try to enter one of them into PALP's library. As long as you have ready the text file with the items, the whole process does not take longer than 15-20 minutes.

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