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9. Are there some instructions for the PALP functions?
Many PALP functions are easy to understand without the use of instructions, but some basic steps, just to start with, follows:


At first, after downloading the installation file, select "Keep" the file (in Windows 10) and execute the file.

Questionnaire administration: From the main menu, select the third "Clients" icon and clickon the patient (left side form). From the main menu, select "Administration" and choose the specific questionnaire to be administered.

Compare assessments: From the main menu, select the third "Clients" icon and select the patient you want to comparein order to assess patient's progress due to therapy. Use the mouse pointer to select two successive evaluations and inpect the results of the t-test paired criterion (which runs automatically). The more it approaches '0', the more reliable the difference is (should be at least below 0.05). A positive difference in assessments' mean is a sign of improvement. In some tables you can press 'Ctrl-C' to copy and paste the data into your desired statistical package or Microsoft Excel.

Sample creation: From the main menu, select "Samples" and check the criteria you want. From the main menu, select the "Search" icon, and PALP will create the pool of patients that meet those criteria. Then pick a questionnaire, an evaluation order and a time interval and click on "Create sample group A". For example, in the sample of the 24 patients which they are accompanying this functional demo version of PALP, choose the interval January 2016 - today, to create the sample A. When you are ready to enter your own patients, simply replace the names of the existing ones on the sample or create a new patient file.

Questionnaire entry: From the main menu, select the first "New Test" icon and enter the structure of the questionnaire beginning with the number of ιτσ items, as well as, its acronym (left side form). Then you fill the related forms (eg Reverse items 1,5,7 etc) one by one. You can choose a test of the suggested ones, just to get familiar with the process. Be carefull in this stage!

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