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5. I am somewhat less familiar with  statistics. Will I have trouble using the PALP?

Computers and statistics exist to facilitate our daily work. Moreover, the statistics used here are not...a 'rocket

science'. What statistic does is to apply some simple calculations to extract and compare some indicators from data, so as to give us clues that will help us in drawing conclusions.

PALP helps you to easily collect your patient's data. But not only that ... From these data, it automatically extracts indexes (basically in reference with correlations and comparisons) and gives you a statistical valid answer that it helps you to create working hypotheses. Regarding your question, for starting working with PALP, it would be enough to know that an invalid or null hypothesis always suggests that there should be not any difference between two comparable variables (either groups of patients or patient's consecutive assesments ). In addition, at the forum area, you could ask questions about statistics and related to analysis of your patient's data.

Many colleagues argue that only by the interaction with the patient one can determine the course of their therapy. This is not wrong, but the quantitative measurable information is that which can give us useful and objective information on matters of interest. The management of all this information is out of any realistic human potential, even if the ancient Greek mathematicians believed that mathematical problems must be, at first, solved without any use of 'paper and pencil'.

Aside from the fact that immediately after the evaluation of the patient, we have access to the results, by studying the course of each patient we could see in which groups of patients our interventions were more or less successful, or in which cases our psychotherapeutic intervention is a slower process than in other cases. This may be related to the revision of the case formulation and its psychotherapeutic objectives.


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"I’ve used PSYDESK for psychometric assessment purposes and been impressed for its innovative possibilities. It makes the administration of questionnaires and results’ extraction a fun procedure, gives the opportunity to effectively organize your data and makes statistical analysis appealing. I highly recommend it to colleagues who are interested in understanding human behavior", N. Toumanian,  Psychologist - M.Sc/HR Consultant, ISON Psychometrica

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